'Potjie Pot Poems'
Print ideas R&D
The Goldfish theory
Disney Teapot!
Totoro Teapot!
Espresso anyone?
A doodle done in the software Art Rage.
Many a doodle...waiting for renders!
Mole skin doodles
Odd how inspiring the 'Mole skin' notebook is - lol ... so be it: doodles!!!!
A doodle using Art Rage software.
A doodle using Art Rage Software.
Gull Series
Design ideas for print.
Concept for print.
'Jim The Cricketer'
A commission to recreate Disney's 'Jiminy Cricket' as a gift to their friend.
Character design of a mime.
'Coffee bar doodle series'
Another coffee bar doodle - part of a series of doodles while shlurping over a good cup of coffee!
'tired brain'
'...another render watching doodle'
Various -sketches
Collected various sketches over time...
'Cafe' -sketches
Character sketches done at various cafe's.
'Mime' - sketches
Sketches done for a character design
Squash & Stretch test
A 2d animation of a horse run cycle to play with the idea of Squash & Stretch ~ intending to take it into 3d... :)
Character Commission
The brief: to take sketches of characters created by the clients 'non-creative' husband & turn them into something fun as a gift for him. :)
'LBH' ~ band poster design.
A poster design for a local South African music band named Little Black Hats.
ye olde website design
One of the many site designs I never quite managed to complete. This one was going to act as one building with each room containing the many different creative things I love getting my soul into! :)
Tattoo -cover up design
A cover up design for a tattoo.
'Gorillaz style' - animation team caricatures
Caricatures of the Animation Team at the company I worked at at the time -done deliberately in the Gorillaz style.
Character Design for 'Cartrack' TVC, Maputo
Character Designs done for a full 3d character animated television commercial in Maputo. Client: 'Cartack'.
Character designs for a short film concept.
Character designs for a short film concept with Meercats.
Character designs for 'Mimmee Noodles'
Character designs for a full 3d character animated television commercial. Client 'Mimmee Noodles'
Character designs for 'Fine Tune Studios'
Character designs done for 'Fine Tune Studios'.
South African board game concept
A continuous 'work in progress'! My mother conceptualized this about 20 years ago & we have been fine tuning it ever since! It has characteristics that are only 'South African'... *watch this space*
Toys - Concept
A continuous 'work in progress' : The concept was a simple selection of kids toys made completely from recycled paper.
Book Illustrations
Various humorous illustrations required for Rod Bechus' book 'Game Reverse'.
T-shirts - concept designs
Concepts for entering a competition given by 'Big Blue clothing' - titled ''Afrokaaner'' - no winnings :( - (but two designs sold!!)- :) A few other t-shirt designs included too.
Monster Studios 'Mascot'
'Monster Studios' was the independent name for animation department at Refinery - a Post Production facility in Johannesburg. We intended to create this Mascot from our logo design & animate him. (Clearly we were too busy with paying work!)