"In a new body of work, Shannan explores the notion of creativity founded in the practice of doodling & the ability to keep in touch with one's child side. She takes artworks she has created over many years & places them together to create a random juxtaposition. This contemporary language of forced association overrides the logical thought processes & inspires latent creativity. The additional lyrical phrases are intended to express & stimulate the creative, whimsical side of the mind. She feels life is full of cross referencing whether intended or accidental & believes through this act of creativity the viewer & the artist can play with personal interpretation. Her pieces are visually vibrant & the narratives she creates are naive, warming, nostalgic & quirky."
Each print has a limited edition of 50, is 70cm x 70cm & is printed on Somerset fine art paper. They are produced by Harwood King Fine Arts in Sussex. A mixed media print using giclee, silk screen colours & varnishes & finally embellished with 22 carat gold leaf.